Samantha (Sam) Najam Knightley

Archaeologist/Tomb Raider



Occupation: Archaeologist

Nationality: Egyptian/British

Age: 32

Hair: Black

Eyes: Hazel

Height: 5’7”

Weight: 140


Sam’s father is a British archaeologist (Samuel Knightley). He met her mother (Fatina Jafari) while on a dig in Egypt. Sam spent most of her childhood in Egypt, although she also traveled with her father during school breaks and such. She studied archaeology at Oxford and then began her career working for her father. After he retired several years ago, she went out on her own.

Athletic & pretty, she is also a bit of a nerd. She is very passionate about her work. She loves uncovering the past and feels strongly about protecting/preserving artifacts and sites of historical significance. She can sometimes let that get in the way of everything else.  

While archaeology is her main profession, Sam also works for AEGIS on a part-time basis. They call her in for missions where her experience and expertise are required.

Sam is very good with throwing knives, and prefers them to firearms. She enjoys rock-climbing and photography.  

About six months ago, Sam stole some artifacts from Nicholas Lockhart, a “private collector” who also happens to be a (arms-dealer? drug-dealer? Something like that.) in order to put the artifacts in a museum which according to Sam is, “where they belong”. Lockhart has been trying to track down who stole his items and once he does, will no doubt seek revenge.


Emma Templeton-Cross – An old friend of Sam’s from Oxford, Emma is also a wealthy socialite. She has provided financial backing for several of Sam’s expeditions in the past.


Jack Campbell – A professional thief/con-man, Jack has helped Sam in some of her more risky endeavors. 

Samantha (Sam) Najam Knightley

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